Sipstirs Fine Wines, Artisanal Spirits & Craft Brew specializes in hand-crafted wines and spirits from around the world.  We look for an extraordinary selections and offer them at ordinary prices.  The best way to get familiar with the shop is visit their monthly wine club.  Each month there are up to 8 curated selections for each member, delivered directly to their door. 

We know what we sell well; nothing hits the shelves without us tasting. Treating clients as honored guests defines the business approach of Sipstirs. Offering an array of fine wines artisanal spirits & craft brews, with a focus on smaller, family owned wineries/distilleries/breweries. The shops new renovations, set the stage for a strong inviting presence in the area.  Sipstirs offers events and promotions set to introduce their clientele to the ever changing world of various libations.

Meet the Proprietor, David M. Wagner – Over 15 years experience in the industry both as a importer/supplier and wholesaler/distributor; now a retailer.