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Typically, a company can afford 1 direct sales representative per market.

This is too much for your 1 sales rep to handle effectively.

You are missing out on business.


You Need:

A sales team on the streets that will cost you ≤ 1 sales rep
•To cover a larger footprint then you are currently
•Your brand in front of more buyers
•A sales manager to fulfill all services needed for the brand at the distributor

Sipstirs will provide these solutions for you.

Our Value

Full Sales Team consistently prospect new clients & maintain presence with customers

About David M. Wagner


David M. Wagner


David M. Wagner has been selling to on/off premise venues across the U.S. for 10+ years.  He has worked with a variety of brands in craft beer, wine, spirits and non-alcohol beverages; including a variety of distributors.  His knowledge of the three tier system is thorough and his reputation in the industry is an A+.

Understanding each sale is inherently a critical component of a broader strategy for long-term growth and steady gains in market share for a strong hold in the industry. As a result, David has the ability to market and manage wholesalers, promote sales and increase profits while generating satisfied customers and delivering a sense of quality that sets the stage for long-term success.

A few specialties are:
• A valuable blend of leadership, resourcefulness, and financial skills that combines efficiency with imagination to produce highly effective bottom-line results.
• Adept in developing effective marketing and sales plans, creating long-range focus and devising innovative methods for tactically implementing ideas
• Solid background and training in areas where sales expertise, administration, organization, interpersonal communications, motivation, and management are required.
• Exceptional ability to enter new environments and produce immediate results through the use of a flexible style and practical skills that are easily transported between different industries.

Introducing Sipstirs Inc.  This company allows beverage producers to have the coverage and face time to their direct audience for a fraction of the cost.  The idea is that Sipstirs is a sales TEAM representing a small complimentary, non-competing portfolio.

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Thanks for all your help in gaining distribution in my accounts. I knew we’d do well but I’m even happier that we managed to knock out the remaining inventory. Thanks again for all your help and I look forward to working with you again soon.

Vincent “Jim” Andretta
Empire Merchants

David is a pleasure to work with as he communicates and collaborates well across functional areas. He comes with a wealth of industry knowledge and keeps up on trends, enabling him to quickly identify opportunities and take action in a dynamic market.

Lila Tarajkowski
Supply Chain Manager Niche Imports

“Dave is relentless in his eagerness in continuing to develop himself in the fast expanding industry of beer, wine & spirits. He is always looking for avenues to widen his scope to succeed in this industry. It was always great working together because of his intentionality and easiness to be with.”

Pasqual Figueroa
Former Associate (SKI) and Brand Manager Innis & Gun

“Awesome seeing you again, the reason I’m doing this first tasting is because of YOU. You helped me in Manhattan and when I remembered that I thought, “Why even think about another brewery?” Needless to say we are a go!

Frank M
Owner Amelias Bistro


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